Thursday, October 13, 2011

Constable Paul Dallinger Perverts the Course of Justice:

Further to the corruptly laid charge of Breaching a Protection Order, the charge which the Masterton police prosecutor was forced to admit had been "laid by mistake", and "should never have been laid."  The charge that Constable Paul Dallinger corruptly instigated in the full knowledge that his actions were unlawful and totally corrupt.

Here's Constable Paul Dallinger's handiwork, in collaboration with James Laurence Cowley, who lied to police in 1996, telling them he had custody of our daughter and that she lived with him, when the truth was that he had denied paternity until she was ten years old in order to avoid paying child support, and then lied over the years and evaded the incompetent staff of CYFS, Social Welfare, etc, to ensure that he didn't pay a cent of child support in 13 years, then in 1996 he blatantly lied to police, saying "I have custody, Lily lives with me and is being held against her will" - total and utter LIES - on the basis of these lies police officer MARK NAPIER and a couple of other officers conspired with unqualified social worker DEBORAH HOUSTON of CYFS for the second time in four years to take my thirteen year old much loved daughter unlawfully from a really good home, and deliver her into the hands of her sick, deluded, dishonest abusers James and Maria Cowley - after the same social worker and police officer had been soundly reprimanded by a Judge the first time they'd done it four years earlier on the basis of equally incorrect information.  - James and Maria Cowley didn't even want her, they sent her to live with Open Home Foundation "caregivers" - government funded child molesters! - RICHARD and LORRAINE in Nelson, Richard then sexually molested her, she went on to have an ectopic pregnancy, change her name five times, get massive tattoos all over her body and have two children who have both been removed from her 'care', as a direct result of the abuse dished out by CYFS, James and Maria Cowley and Joy Cowley, and the good old New Zealand Police, Open Home etc!  Here's the sort of "information sharing" they specialise in - James Cowley knew perfectly well that he didn't have custody, or guardianship, or even access!  She'd never lived with him in her life apart from the two weeks or so when he left her home alone, and in the "care" of any Tom Dick and Harry in 1992 - James Cowley should have been charged with lying to police for this - fears for her safety indeed - it's an orchestrated litany of lies:

Sgt Mark Napier of the Hastings police wrote a statement saying that he regretted his actions and would have acted differently if he had the chance to respond again to Cowley's lies.

Cowley couldn't even be bothered going to the FGC in 1996 and wrote a letter stating that he had to put his own financial interests first, revealing that he had never paid child support and didn't even know how our daughters name is spelled.  The letter also reveals a lot about his own psychological state and contains a number of lies.  He had insisted we all travel down to Wellington for this meeting, then at the last minute he swanned off overseas on a movie saying he had to put his financial welfare before our daughter's welfare - he can't even spell her name - this letter is an utter insult to our daughter and her whole family!:

So, 15 years later, Cowley is still manipulating police and perverting the course of justice.  Here's the latest pathetic, despicable efforts from him and Constable Paul Dallinger of Carterton.   Out of the blue I received a series of emails FROM James Cowley - not to him, FROM him.  Abusing me for writing about him on the internet and demanding I edit my websites.  In the interests of natural justice I declined, whereupon he enlisted corrupt and psychotic constable Paul Dallinger to charge me with breaching a protection order he managed to get for no reason other than his hysterical imagination over twenty five years ago, after I've never contacted him in more than twenty five years and certainly have no desire to see him or hear from him again, just because he doesn't like my website - my response is that there are judicial remedies for his problem and if he doesn't like what's on my website he should (a) not look at it, or (b) sue me.  Constable Dallinger should be charged with deliberately misleading the Court for this utter codswallop!  He knows perfectly well that Cowley initiated the communication with me on each and every occasion!  This whole prosecution is CORRUPT!  Where it says "Circumstances" in the document below Constable Dallinger is deliberately leaving out the bit about how Cowley sent me the emails in the first plaee!!!  On 30 August 2010 I received emails from James and Maria Cowley, including the following details "Maria Cowley > 64 Selman Road, Dairy Flat, RD4 Albany > Auckland > New Zealand > Tel: 64 9 427 5360 > Mob: 64 21 422 275 > Email:" and containing rude imperious demands - from the person who told police, the Court and CYPS and anyone else who will listen his LIES he's now got the cheek to object when I publish the TRUTH - unbelievable!: 

Below is a Justice Ministry pamphlet which says that the existence of a protectionorder DOES NOT preclude a person's attendance at a family group conference, it is an "EXCEPTION" to the Order.  I showed this to CYFs staff in Napier, where I was when they rang and told me they'd changed their minds, they laughed at me, told me get out, and called the police.  The outcome of the FGC was tragic, like the outcome of CYPS original involvement with my daughter.  The FGC was a joke!  My daughter's father and stepmother are selfish, evil liars!  

Here's the comment James Cowley made about this post:
Abused Victim says:  "Ok, times up bag lady. I don't really care what you say here about me, nobody gives a shit. What pisses me off are your emails to our daughter you sick pathetic child abuser.
Go to jail, do not pass go and do not collect any child are a loser and the sooner you face up to that the better for you. Now fuck off."
He obviously hasn't changed, what a dork.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

James Cowley Guilty of Perjury:

Regarding the matter referred to at this link, regarding the recent admission by the police that they should never have charged me with "contravening a protection order" in the first place, and the charge had been laid "by mistake".  Below are the whinging whinings of James Lawrence Cowley, regarding the "official complaint" from him, which amounts to perjury, because it is untrue and deliberately intended to mislead.
All this "under control" and "deal with things" rubbish!  I published the information ages ago, my daughter contacted him because the facts are indisputable and totally contradict what he told her.  He should just admit the truth, this is pathetic.  This is a pack of lies, there was nothing "vitriolic" about my emails, he instigated the emails in the first place, with threats and abuse.  If you want to see 'vitriolic', read the comment James Cowley makes (under the pseudonym "Abused Victim"!) at this link.
I received about 30 threatening emails from James Cowley and Maria Cowley.  Unlike the Cowley's, I am not the sort of person who wastes the time of the police and the Courts applying for a Protection Order just because of a few pathetic emails.  As his statement says, James Cowley emailed me, not the other way round, which was a stupid thing to do.  He, and his partner, Maria, emailed me repeatedly, and made threatening and aggressive comments and statements to me, not the other way around.  
All the evidence of this exists, which is why police didn't want to release the disclosure, etc.  There was no need for any Protection Order in the first place as Cowley and the police know perfectly well.  He should just admit that he never paid child support until after Lily was removed by police, and admit that the only reason that outrageous injustice happened was because he deliberately lied to police, telling them he had custody, as evidenced by the police report below.  I put up the evidence of the facts, not fanciful untruths.
I never did anything to warrant a Protection Order application being made in the first place, I didn't attempt to contact James or Maria Cowley before or after it was granted.  It was simply applied for by James and Maria to try and prevent me contacting our daughter, not because of any behaviour of mine, but as a form of psychological abuse.  Here's evidence of that point, and below it is the other evidence recently obtained by Court order, from the totally discredited Wairarapa police:

This is just a witch hunt!  Dallinger should do what he's paid to do, not waste days, weeks, months getting a corruptly obtained Court Order or Warrant or whatever to read through all my emails and text messages - which is what has been done, according to the information received so far. 

Here's further evidence that James Cowley denied paternity until Lily was ten years old, had certainly never paid child support before then, and has a major mental disorder:
Note that in the two emails, written a day apart, he calls our daughter Lilly (sic) in one, and Aja in the other.  I don't know how many times we've told him it's Lily, L-I-L-Y.

The letter to the FGC is just classic isn't it?  "I can't be bothered coming to this meeting but I demand that you all discuss this and that!  "Like why my name isn't on the birth certificate" - because you could never be bothered having anything to do with either Lily or I and had denied paternity and lied to the Social Welfare Department, etc.  James was working as a film cameraman, earning around $2500 a day on top of all expenses.  His partner Maria Saunders was earning a similar amount, he paid nothing toward the upbringing of our daughter.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joy Cowley - Under The Emperors New Clothes:

This is a letter to me from Joy Cowley, OBE, in 1987, the paternal grandmother of my daughter.  Joy writes lovely children's stories, and she also writes lots of prayers, which is the bit that really annoys people who know the real Joy Cowley.  Joy wanted me to move back to Wellington from Hawkes' Bay where we moved after her son evicted us from our flat in Wellington.  She spoke firstly about her own big new house,which she was building in the Marlborough Sounds with the money she got from suing her publishers (Doubleday?), and then about how she "could help you towards a deposit for your own home."
Joy knew perfectly well that her son James was not paying child support, she knew that he had never done so, and that he had been unsupportive in every way of his daughter and I, and actually went out of his way to make life more difficult for me if it suited him.  He left as soon as he found out he was going to be a father, and went to live in Auckland, returning to Wellington to evict me from the flat which he still held the lease on, because he and his mates had decided I would be better off in a unit in Johnsonville or Nappy Valley or somewhere and the lovely old house in Northland was much better suited to his friend Mark Robins and his mates.  I took my daughter and went to live in Hawkes Bay where I worked hard as a domestic servant and manual labourer, researcher, teacher aide, and a number of other things to bring up my daughter and give her a happy and healthy life and a nice warm, cosy, clean home, etc.  James never paid child support, Joy wrote a lot of empty promises and outright lies.

Joy used to write to me and tell me how she was suing her publishers for $100,000 which she said she would divide between me and her four children, who were brought up by their father and his second wife, after Joy's ambition as a writer took precedence over her desire to be a wife and mother.  Joy left her own children when James was four and married Malcolm Mason, a wonderful man, who sadly passed away in about 1994.

Joy wrote to me in December 1986.  The letter reads: "James and Maria (Saunders, ex wife of Warratah Barry) have a house in Seatoun and are both working on films.  James will be filming in January when the family come here for holiday (sic), but Maria will join us.  We plan to have a 3 day fishing trip in the outer Sounds.  May the light of Christ's coming this Christmas , fill you with peace."  Which proves ironic later on.

This is part of a letter written in 1991, promising me $20,000 to give me "a little independence" and perhaps the deposit for a house.  The earlier letter describes how Cowley and her new husband, ex priest, ex lawyer, Terry Cole, were building a flash new house to add to their estate in Fish Bay which already had a lovely old farm house which Joy later gifted to her son (as well as the $20,000) who never paid child support - right before Joy had me evicted from her house where my daughter and I had been living!

This is from a letter written in 1990, which is hand signed at the bottom of this page, very relevant later on is the description of how busy her son James is, working as a freelance camera operator in the film industry.

Here's another letter about how busy James and Maria are, working in the film industry, and how they've taken the opportunity to have a little holiday in Melbourne and Bali.

This one, and the previous one were both written in 1993.  James and Maria certainly seem to be having a great life.  They are looking for a section in the Sounds, and their own yacht, as well as the home they owned on the beach front at Seatoun.

Meanwhile, I was growing tired of James not paying child support and began talking about legal proceedings. I had realised by 1992 that Joy was manipulative and controlling, and that she had promised me the $20,000 to deter me from following up the child support issue, but really had no intention of helping me with the deposit for a house.  Joy and her new husband had built two new houses on the farm in the Marlborough Sounds, where she'd gone to live with Terry Coles after Malcolm Mason died, making three beautiful and spacious houses on her growing estate.
My daughter and I on the other hand were living in shearers quarters and whatever we could afford to rent, and struggling financially.

Joy sent me the letter at left in December 1992.  She had earlier written to me to say that "many people in the family think you are still in love with James" and other rubbish.  I spelled out to her that I despised James, and wouldn't be interested in a relationship with him because he was a selfish liar and a cheat, who drank too much alcohol and took too many drugs, was violent (he apparently has a conviction for assault with a knife in a restaurant), who never paid child support or wanted to spend time with his daughter, and generally not a nice person.

She wrote back in total agreement, and added that in her opinion he shouldn't have unsupervised access to Lily because of his mental instability.  Click on this letter to enlarge it, the dark part reads: "Greg was here last week.  I showed him the letter that James wrote (the one I haven't shown to you).  Greg described it as "disgusting" and "pathetic".  What it all suggests is this: that James is in a very bad way at present, and if he did turn up here any time he spent with Lily would be carefully supervised, I promised you that.  I agree with you that Lily certainly doesn't need her father's instability."

She is wrong about Maria, and a copy of Maria's letters to Lily will be posted soon to prove this.

This is a letter sent to me by Joy Cowley in 1993, after Joy decided to enrol Lily in Woodford House School in Havelock North.

Joy had tried unsuccessfully to make me move back to Wellington, withholding the promised house deposit and sending me numerous manipulative letters waffling on about how I was still in love with James, etc, and trying to control every aspect of our lives.

Finally she announced that she was going to buy a house in Hawkes Bay and let us live in it, instead of giving me the money towards the deposit.  She did so, but instead of the beautiful house in Valley Road with the big red barn, and lovely gardens and outbuildings, that Lily and I wanted, she decided on a bleak, windswept bare ridge, exposed to the southerlies and westerlies, with nothing growing on it except grass and thistles.  Both properties had a few acres, but Joy was adamant in her decision about where we would live and that was that.  She had a little house built on it and graciously allowed us to live in it.  I spent a considerable amount of money and time developing the section, planting pine trees and a garden, shrubs, banks of groundcovers, etc.  Joy gave me some money towards electric fencing.  The driveway was steep and unsealed, and the winds howled around the little house, shaking it to the foundations.  There was no shed to put firewood or tools in, no porch to hang your raincoat and take off your gumboots.  We were very grateful, and set about working hard making it the best we could.  I worked at the Wool Board and ENZA, picking apples, pruning grapevines, doing other people's housework and gardening, as well as waitressing and doing private catering in the evenings, to support Lily and I, and develop the property.

James Cowley and Maria Saunders enjoyed a very lavish lifestyle in the golden days of the film industry, earning obscene amounts of money, and free travel to exotic locations around the world, with all accommodation and expenses, food and alcohol, etc, paid on top of the obscene amounts of actual income.  I have several letters from James describing this lifestyle in detail, they will be on this site soon.
James and Maria bought a house on the beach front at Seatoun, in Maria's name for tax purposes, then decided to marry, at which point Joy Cowley gifted them a complete farm with beautiful old farmhouse, on the beachfront in the Marlborough Sounds.

James NEVER paid child support until AFTER he took Lily by force, and by lying to the police.

Here is a letter from IRD dated only days after he took Lily by conspiring with a corrupt CYPS "social worker" - Deborah Houston, whose qualifications were "Nil" accorrding to the Area Manager, by stating "I have custody, Lily lives with me and is being held against her will" - all total and utter lies!  - He wasn't even on her birth certificate!  He didn't even have access or guardianship rights let alone custody!  His own mother said he shouldn't have unsupervised access because of his mental instability and manipulative tendencies.
This letter clearly states that he owes me over $17,000 at the time of her removal.  This is one of the issues that Lily and I were arguing over, because Joy had written several letters to Lily at Woodford House which had caused distress to both her and I, and caused the staff to request a meeting with me to discuss the disruptive effect of letters like this on Lily and the other girls in the boarding house:

The school Nurse rang me one night to discuss the fact that Lily was crying and upset following a phone call from her father, and she told me that this had happened before.  A meeting was arranged with the Nurse, the Boarding House Manager, the Principal, Lily's form teacher, and me.  The school confirmed that communication with Lily had been recently initiated by James and Maria, who had decided to marry and wanted Lily to be Maria's bridesmaid, and that this communication regularly upset Lily and her friends and caused concern to the staff and disruption in the Boarding House and classroom.  Her form teacher and Boarding House mistress both listed several recent incidents of bad behaviour, including stealing, which were out of character for Lily, who had previously been a good girl who had earned excellent school reports and knew not to steal. They noted that this behaviour coincided with the inappropriate communication from James, Maria and Joy.

The school staff were in favour of ceasing to allow James to ring Lily at School.  I agreed (Lily had phone cards and could ring him whenever she wanted).  The staff also wanted to withhold Lily's mail from James and Maria, but as this had been one of the allegations made in the letter from Maria (that I had previously withheld mail to Lily from James - he never wrote her any!) I rejected this suggestion, and asked that the school inform me when mail had been received and encourage Lily to discuss the letters with the school staff and myself.  Lily was a weekly boarder and came home at weekends.  The affidavit of the Headmistress confirms that we often had one of Lily's friends, such as one of the other boarders whose parents lived further away and couldn't therefore get time out of the boarding house as often as Lily, and that these girls always enjoyed their visits and never had any complaints about me, and that I enjoyed an excellent relationship with all the staff at the school.
At left is the police report which documents the lies told to police by James Cowley - "I have custody, Lillie lives with me, and is being held against her will"- indeed.  Remember the letter about him not having unsupervised access?  He wasn't even on her birth certiificate - he'd never even sent her a birthday card, and couldn't even spell her name.

Unqualified CYPS social worker Deborah Houston and Sgt Mark Napier got a telling off for listening to these lies once before (in 1992, four years earlier to the very day) and sending Lily off to live with her father because Deborah Houston deemed it the best thing to do, after YPS records show that someone reported seeing a bruise on Lily's arm two weeks earlier, but hadn't thought anything about it at the time, but suddenly made an issue out of it coincidentally at the same time as an issue had arisen regarding my election to the Board of Trustees.

Lily wrote a letter describing how her father had left her home alone, days after this placement by Houston and Napier - an offence in itself - she was ten years old!
Above is the CYPS notes documenting the abuse by Richard and Lorraine, the CYPS approved Open Home Foundation "caregivers" that my daughter was abused by in 1996.  Nothing was done about this whatsoever by either CYPS or Police.  So who's the child abuser again?

Above are the vague ramblings of Debbie Houston and James Cowley - this is like some witch hunt!
James had no legal status regarding Lily whatsoever - he wasn't even on her birth certificate!  He certainly wasn't in any position to authorise paedophile doctor John Sheardown's "examination".  I was, and I was only about ten feet away at the time, but I was completely and utterly ignored.

Two more pages above demonstrate what a monster Deborah Houston is.  "There are to be no phone calls unless authorised by me" blah blah - this is a "social worker" whose qualifications are "Nil" according to the CYPS Area Manager, it is later revealed.

Then we get down to the real reason for Lily's removal.  She wanted to be like the other girls at Woodford House.  The page numbered 44/55, dated the 11th April, the second to last paragraph describes how apparently some of the other girls at Woodford had been a real problem,calling out names at me when they went past.  This is an orchestrated litany of lies made up by Deborah Houston, Joy Cowley, James Cowley et al. But wait - there's more:

Here's the letter James Cowley wrote to the family meeting he couldn't even be bothered going to (after he insisted it be held in Wellington and everyone else in the family be forced to travel there).

Lily was ten years old and he couldn't spell her name, and had obviously never paid child support.

In spite of this pitiful letter, and the results of the FGC, James Cowley got away with never paying child support, lying to everyone, including our daughter, about that fact, sending our daughter to live with a pair of recidivist paedophiles (Open Home Foundation "caregivers" Richard and Lorraine), and then sending her flatting nine days after this abuse was reported , to teach her a lesson for "not pulling her weight around the house." 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Molested and assaulted by Richard and Larraine:

After removing Lily from Woodford House in a manipulative and unlawful manner CYFS colluded with the Cowley family and other parties in order to justify the unlawful kidnapping of a thirteen year old child.  Lily was enrolled at Queen Margaret's College in Wellington, but problems soon developed there before very long and James and Maria packed her off to Nelson Girls College in Te Wai Pounamu (otherwise known as The South Island).

CYFS records show that James and Maria Cowley sent Lily, now calling herself Aja Cowley (CYFS files show she changed her name five times in 12 months) to boarding school in Nelson (they lived in Wellington) in 1999.  Despite James's efforts to take her away from me, he and Maria didn't want her, they just wanted to take her away from me to 'punish' me for asking for the child support I was entitled to.

After being asked to leave Nelson Girls College boarding house after a short time, again due to "behavioural issues, substance abuse", etc, James and Maria arranged for Lily to board with paid "caregivers" Richard and Larraine.  It seems that CYFS thought Richard and Lorraine were approved caregivers working for the Open Home Foundation, which was later found to be not the case when a competent and fair case manager was finally appointed.   This case manager was Justine Forde, and she immediately recognised the situation for what it was and did her utmost to help Lily, and I.  Unfortunately, the Police and senior CYFS management were intent on covering up the appalling abuse that had been perpetrated on us.

The last paragraph of the case note below makes it perfectly clear that Larraine knew perfectly well that her "partner" Richard was a serial pedophile, and that she was perfectly prepared to enable him to sexually assault the children they were paid to "care for", on a regular basis.  It's quite sickening really.  In fact it's utterly obscene, which is why I am finally publishing the evidence of it.

Sending a 13 year old girl to live with serial pedophiles and then kicking her out of home nine days after the abuse occurred is outrageous and Maria Saunders Cowley, Joy Cowley and her latest husband Terry Coles (former lawyer turned Catholic priest, who Joy "turned to for emotional support" while her second husband, who was a fine man) and James Cowley should hang their heads in utter shame.  They appear to have no conscience.  At least Sergeant Napier admitted that he regretted his part in this outrageous miscarriage of justice and abuse of the processes of the Courts.

Police apparently interviewed Lily once about these allegations, but failed to ever "reinterview" her, and never took any action whatsoever about investigating Richard and Larraine let alone charging them - because according to their response to written questions they were "too busy providing security for Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings" which were being held in NZ at the time.

More evidence the NZ Police wilfully ignored:

And here's the best bit - Maria Saunders Cowley (formerly married to Barry Saunders, a local musician, kicked my daughter out of their home NINE DAYS after she had been molested - because she has been "refusing to pull her weight around the house and there has been strain put on Maria's and her relationship."

The same woman who started all this because she suddenly wanted my daughter to be her bridesmaid at her wedding to the child's father, on a whim, after encouraging her father to ignore her all her lifeI  and commit fraud by refusing to ever pay one cent of child support he owed until well after he'd kidnapped her with his pack of lies about "I have custody.  Lily lives with me", etc, the couple who lied to Police, the woman who sent my daughter photos of her son, Jason Saunders, and letters about her "new big brother" - Jason Saunders used and abused Lily too - before he told her "you're not my sister anymore."  These people are monsters, and it's a sick joke that Joy Cowley is being facilitated to give speeches as a role model and supposedly upstanding member of the community - she is anything but!

James Cowley, Joy Cowley and Maria Cowley are liars - selfish liars - who ruined my daughter's life.  They were aided and abetted by a number of other people, many of whom were paid tax payer's money to protect vulnerable children, but actually did the exact opposite.

Changing the name of CYF to the Ministry for Vulnerable Children is as ridiculous and changing the name of the Police Complaints Authority to the Independent Police Conduct Authority - the real issues are escalating - covered up and ignored, while those responsible, from social workers like Deborah Houston, with no qualifications, through to the top levels of management, through to politicians, lawyers and judges, continue to waste tax payer's money and commit obscene miscarriages of justice like this one.

Nothing's changed except the abusers are growing ever bolder, secure in the knowledge that their offending will be covered up and they will be protected, indemnified, facilitated, promoted, rewarded.

This case note is outrageously damning - as is the rest of the EVIDENCE regarding these matters, such as Lily's school reports, which show a clear and indisputable pattern of a happy healthy and high achieving child whose grades plummeted and serious issues developed from the moment she was kidnapped to facilitate James and Maria's little whims, and then abused and dumped by James and Maria.  Social worker Justine Forde stood out among her colleagues at CYF (or CYPS as they were known at the time) in terms of her integrity, honesty, and her caring and professional manner, and I sincerely hope that she has continued in her career and wish her all the best for her efforts to do the right thing for Lily and I.